Swedish Christmas (2020)

Kauneimmat joululaulut (2020)

The Greatest Northern Christmas Carols (2020)

Turn Out the Stars - Music by Bill Evans (2020)

Riverside (2020)

Reflections in Real Time (2020)

Live in Tokyo (2020)

Live at Royal Cotton Club (2020)

Live Around Europe (2020)

Visor öar skär (2019)

Favorite Christmas Carols (2017)

Sommarsånger & Psalmer ur Svenska psalmboken (2017)

The Greatest Hits of All Time (2017)

Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments (2017)

Bach Keyboard Mastery II: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (2016)

Covers 4 Lovers (2016)

Puttes äventyr i Blåbärsskogen - Peter in Blueberry Land (2016)

Wedding March (2015)

Chick Corea: Children's Songs (2014)

Swedish Songs - The Essential Collection (2014)

Nu ska vi sjunga (2013)

Provinciano - Remastered (2013)

Trio Hour (2013)

Svenska psalmer - Swedish Hymns (2013)

Zero (2011)

101 Compositions (2010)

Northern Sunrise (2009)

Great Tunes by My Friends (2009)

The Red Bicycle (2009)

Two for the Road (2008)

Swedish Traditional Songs - Svenska visor - Nu blir sommar (2006)

Scandinavian Yuletide Voices - Christmas Carols (2005)

Leivonen lumimyrskyssä - A Lark In The Snowstorm (2005)

Moomin Voices - Muumilauluja (2005)

Ball Play (2003)

Moomin Voices - Muminröster (2003)

Landmark - Remastered Expanded Edition (2002)

Still Alive (2001)

Sound of Village (2000)

English Breakfast (1999)

Announcement - Remastered Expanded Edition (1998)

Discovery (1998)

The Secret of the Castle (1997)

Myths & Beliefs - Remastered Expanded Edition (1996)

Live in New York (1996)

New York Life (1995)

Johanna Grüssner Band (1995)

Mika Pohjola

is a Finnish-born jazz pianist and composer, who resides in Stockholm, Sweden. He was based in New York for seventeen years, 1995-2012. He is also one of the most prolific Scandinavian jazz musicians in his generation, and a distinguished piano artist on the Steinway & Sons roster. Pohjola was born in Helsinki, Finland, and grew up in the neighboring city of Vantaa. He received his formal education in a Steiner school, where his first instrument was violin. He then studied drums, and in 1979 piano and basic music theory with his father, Heikki Pohjola, who is a notable Finnish jazz... Read